Star Way Productions

As a full-service production company, Star Way Productions knows better than most just how hectic event production can be, especially without the right resources to juggle the many moving parts of executing a successful event. They used a scheduling tool that didn’t communicate with their timekeeping tool, which means the team spent twice the amount of time on data entry and left room for error. With LASSO to streamline their entire internal workflow, they were more efficient and productive, and made life easier for their crew members, too.

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Star Way’s previous scheduling tool did not communicate with timekeeping, resulting in excess manual data entry. Time tracking was a mix of paper, excel, and double-entering data, wasting hours tracking down accurate time worked. Time rules were painstakingly calculated by hand, increasing the risk of possible errors.

Gathering, confirming & entering data into their payroll system took 2 people at least 3 days/week, slowing down the time to bill clients and pay crew. Lack of system access for production managers caused frustration and made it difficult to communicate changing event details with crew.

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Star Way implemented LASSO’s crew scheduling, communication, automated time tracking & mobile app solutions.

LASSO’s integrated workflow process allowed Star Way to efficiently manage their entire event crewing process.

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Star Way completely overhauled their internal processes with LASSO, saving time and streamlining their entire event workflow.

Payroll processing time was cut in half, streamlining both payroll entry and crew payment. Workflow efficiencies reduced the timeframe required to crew & manage events.

LASSO’s tools provided the ability to automatically account for overtime, minimums, meal breaks and CA time rules eliminating the possibility for human error.

Enhanced crew communication processes created a happier, better connected crew. Real-time analytics have resulted in more profitable events.


With LASSO, we cut out payroll processing in half and eliminated so many headaches! Feedback from crew has been great. It’s been an awesome change.

- Tiawna Blair, HR