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Frequently Asked Questions

Send texts, push notifications or emails to your entire team with one click - or schedule these communications for a future date and time. Request read receipts to see who opens your messages. Group messages by event to keep your crew (and you) organized and in the know.

Yes. You absolutely should be mindful of your crew’s attention span when using the LASSO tool. Crew member users have the ability to turn off app notifications, for example, so they won’t receive messages they’ve opted out of. You should use the communication scheduling feature strategically. We wouldn’t recommendon’t sending several messages in a row in the hours leading up to the event. Send the important info in advance, space out your reminders using the scheduling feature, and save the last-minute communications for emergencies.

With LASSO, you can send all communications via text, email, or the mobile app.  Afterwards, the crew can customize how they want things delivered.

Yes, absolutely. You can create a document library to pull from or just attach something as you send it.


The communication with our techs is so quick and easy for both them and us. And the platform is flexible. It gives me so many options for how I set up my events, book, and communicate with our people. Getting information to the field is so much faster.

- George Flores, Labor Coordinator, Square AV