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Event production companies that use LASSO are serious about making and keeping their talent happy. Here, you’ll find resources for app support, tips for how to keep your contact info up to date, articles about the industry, and more.

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LASSO App Tips (in Under 5 Minutes) Video

This quick start tutorial will give you the skinny on where to view job opportunities, rosters you've been added to, how to update your personal information, and more.

Updating your contact info

If you need to update your email address or phone number, submit a support ticket. Our team will be in touch to fix it for you.

Finding event details

Head to the “Schedule” tab of the event within the LASSO app and click on the name of event. For questions about the event, reach out to the contact listed on this page.


Exercises You Can Do on the Go

By John Barron, Jan 19, 2023

Stay in shape while on the go! Learn how crew members can make fitness a priority while traveling and working events.


What Does a Breakout Operator Do?

By Mike Aubry, Dec 22, 2022

The breakout operator manages and troubleshoots the technical aspects of meetings and live events. Read on to learn more about this specialized role.


Daily Overtime vs. Weekly Overtime: Why Perception isn’t always Reality

By Angela Alea, Dec 21, 2022

Time to unpack if daily overtime is better or worse in the events industry.


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