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Frequently Asked Questions

When you book travel through the LASSO platform, you can see your costs, save unused tickets, access 24/7 concierge service for your travelers, and take advantage of agency-negotiated corporate rates on flights and hotels. LASSO Travel also automatically shares travel itineraries with your crew and empowers you to arrange expenses like per dimes quickly and easily.

LASSO partners with AmTrav to provide a superior user experience for booking travel for your crew. Our partnership also allows you to secure better rates with airlines and hotels.

We have partnered with premier corporate travel agency Amtrav to provide professional-level support and corporate-negotiated prices to your team. As an agency, Amtrav is able to negotiate better rates with airline, hotel, and rental car vendors due to the volumes they serve. Your travelers can contact support at any point in their journey. Project managers can track important details like itineraries, unused tickets for canceled flights, per diems and other travel logistics.

Event companies use LASSO to make sure their crew is taken care of at every step of their journey. Crew Profiles include a number of fields such as frequent flyer numbers, home airport, and allergies.


With the addition of LASSO and their Travel module, I have the resources I need to better assist our Project Managers and effectively communicate with our crew. Within one application, I have the ability to confirm crew, manage schedules, book travel, track costs, and send communications.

- Tracy Bugal, Project Coordinator, Production Plus