Book 8x faster while giving crew a first-class experience.

Companies that arrange travel for their crew spend dozens of hours each month coordinating and booking trips. Automate crew information to instantly save time, money, and stress. 

✔ Replaces: Concur, Agencia, American Express Travel

Make smart travel decisions

Get insights on the best crew to travel, view pre-booking costs, access special rates, and save unused tickets.

Schedule in bulk

Book your trips on one platform, using auto-filled preferences and rewards numbers, saving time on every entry.

Easily send itineraries

Automatically share trip details with your crew upon booking, preventing miscommunications and frustration.

Support your team wherever they go

Traveling to three cities in five days? LASSO makes it easy to see where everyone is, what they’re doing, and when they’re doing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I could definitely tell that LASSO was made by somebody in the event industry, and that’s important.”

– Kyle Malenfant, Founder & CEO, Crossfire Sound

Get ready for takeoff.👇

Arrange travel with LASSO to improve crew experience and save on costs. Share this one pager with your team!