Event Project Management Software

Get your entire event on the same page.

From the team operating the event to the gear it takes to put it on—ensure that every moment runs seamlessly with LASSO.

LASSO provides a single system to manage every aspect of your project, offering intuitive task list templates, smart logic, a content/document hub, and collaborative features like guest permissions and real-time communication—ensuring all your project essentials stay organized.


End the software shuffle – LASSO ensures streamlined communication, enhanced organization, and automated task planning.

Centralized Communication

Stop back-and-forth email chains and conversations in additional messaging apps. Launch shared communication channels for every single event, task, or team in LASSO so you can stay on track without leaving the platform.

Content & Task Management

Enter your event load in and load out dates and automate each project with task list templates, making it easier than ever to set your project up for success. Simply tag the right team members and every task will be assigned to hit the target milestones of each project.

Visualization of Your Entire Schedule

Get a bird’s eye view of your schedule and visualize what’s done, what’s due today, and which milestones are running behind across all your projects. With color coded tasks, you can see who’s doing what and which projects need immediate attention to stay on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

LASSO is the definition of a partner. When we bring theam a specific issue we have in our unique business, without hesitation they work toward a solution with you.


Centralize your event operations.👇

LASSO allows you to manage schedules, automate tasks, and communicate with your team—eliminating the need for disjointed tools or spreadsheets. Share this one pager with your team!