Event Inventory Management Software

Manage inventory in the same place you manage the rest of your event.

LASSO provides full inventory control, allowing you to track gear availability, generate insightful reports, and make informed business decisions—all from one central platform.

A better way to manage inventory

You need to make sure you have what you need, when you need it—and, keep it all on one system to eliminate miscommunications or misquotes and improve visibility.

Asset Management

Efficiently track gear orders, costs, rates, profit, and usage analytics.

Warehouse Operations

Empower warehouse managers with full visibility into fulfillment, prep, and logistics.


Ship your gear with confidence in your costs and tracking abilities.


No more outdated systems—LASSO simplifies inventory management, so you can focus on creating unforgettable events.

Sales-to-Warehouse Communication

Streamlined communication so your sales team can accurately quote gear and account for shortages before the order hits your warehouse team.

Enhanced Workflow Views

Dedicated workflows for sales to accurately quote gear and in-depth workflows for warehouse operations to pull, pack, and manage inventory.

Accurate Inventory Counts

See quantity sold versus quantity sent, manage order statuses, and address shortages intentionally so you can manage inventory with accuracy.

One Central Place to Operate

Built with input from event pros, you can feel confident managing everything from your inventory and quoting to crew management and invoicing without leaving the platform—saving you time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

LASSO is the definition of a partner. When we bring theam a specific issue we have in our unique business, without hesitation they work toward a solution with you.


Gain full inventory control.👇

Keep assets, logistics, and warehouse operations all in one place. Share this one pager with your team!