Made for the industry, by the industry

We recognize that people are the heroes behind any successful event. Which is why we want to give you the right tools to get the job done well every single time.

Rescue your event, margins, and blood pressure from the stress of disjointed crew management. When things are centralized, you’re able to focus on what really matters–the people who make your event a success.

Frequently Asked Questions

LASSO was created when the founder of an experiential event production company, realized it was becoming impossible to scale and take on more clients while they were bogged down by all the manual tasks of crewing and workforce management. He set out to solve it for the industry, with the industry. He and his team spent a year speaking to his fellow industry professionals before hiring a team of developers to create the LASSO platform. The result is a product tailored to every need an event production company could possibly encounter in the course of managing their workforce – and we keep listening to your feedback to improve the platform further.

Absolutely! LASSO makes life easier for many industries similar to AV event production. Staffing & security companies and universities love LASSO for crewing massive workforces with just a few clicks. Broadcast & media, TV & film, creative & experiential companies all use LASSO to manage their talent. Venues, rentals, and installation companies also find that LASSO helps them optimize their workflow. Destination management and model/brand ambassador companies find that LASSO gives them the tools they need to staff efficiently and manage their talent effectively.