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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our crew schedule allows you to see everyone in one place. See if they are already booked, on PTO, or if they are unavailable due to working another event through another company at that time.

Yes. Our event schedule will list all of your events, their markets/venues, and if they require any action. Learn more about how LASSO improves your scheduling process.

When you select a crew member to add to your roster, LASSO automatically notifies you if that person is already scheduled on an event for you, and even tells you what the conflict is. You can also avoid overworking your staff with a quick glance at their calendar. Understand their availability, and if you request to book them back-to-back, you’ll see an estimate on overtime costs.

You can automate crewing as much or as little  as your business would like. By inserting your own personal touches, you can let your staff know there are real people on the other end of this tool who are committed to their care.


I love that at a glance, we can see who is confirmed and who is not, so we know exactly who needs to be followed up with, and when. Everything is consolidated and in one place.

- Clifton Matekovich, Operations Producer, University of Kentucky