Lasso App

The app for the live events industry

Everything you need to stay organized right on your phone. Our app helps crew, supervisors, and admins stay connected — making for unforgettable event experiences, every time.

The new industry standard

We created the LASSO app to bridge the divide between event companies and crew.

Communication is essential. During our own experience in the live events industry and our hundreds of interviews with industry peers, we learned that phone calls, texts, and emails simply weren’t enough — key details were still falling through the cracks and miscommunications left crew and supervisors frustrated.

The app changes all that.

For crew

Never worry about keeping up with last-minute changes again. Let LASSO handle the logistics so that your skills can truly shine.

✔ Get notified when you have a job opportunity

✔ Submit your availability to accept

✔ Manage multiple events

✔ Track your travel itinerary and sync events with your personal calendar

Questions about the app? Visit our FAQs.

For supervisors

Managing a mobile workforce is hard. But with our superpowers combined, we make it easy, together.

✔ Communicate event details with your crew with the press of a button

✔ Identify the right crew for your gig by reading ratings from other supervisors like you

✔ Build a knowledge base of data that can better inform your next event, and the one after that

For admins

You need time-tracking data that you can rely on. The LASSO app lets you export time-keeping data directly into your payroll system, eliminating the risk of errors and automating complex pay rules.

Transparency is built into the entire process, so that you can pay crew faster and easier-while also building stronger, more reliable financials.


What techs are saying

Leticia P.

What would I do with out this? Actually wished all my employees used this! Very detailed and love how i can sync to my gmail!…

Aron O.

use this app for everything. nice way to get everything in one spot….

Clay S.

Great app for show crew. Fantastic support if you have any questions. I’m so happy this app exists!