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Reasons to join the Crew Marketplace

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Work with the best companies

The best companies in the live events industry use LASSO, and they’re looking to crew the best talent in the industry.

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Get paid faster

As a Crew Marketplace team member, you never have to chase up another invoice again. Get paid weekly.

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It’s 100% free

From beginning to end, it doesn’t cost a cent to join. You never know when you could land the gig of a lifetime.


Where AV work finds you

Crew Marketplace is a community where freelance AV talent can make themselves available for upcoming event gigs in their market. Members are contacted when gigs match their availability, skill level, and geographic market.


Wimer Nunez, LASSO Crew Marketplace Member

"Lasso offered the best job experience I've ever had in my AV career. I was given all the tools to succeed with the job. I was treated with respect and everyone was kind!"

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The app for the live events industry

Everything you need to stay organized for your gig is right on your phone. Our app helps crew, supervisors, and admins stay connected — making for unforgettable event experiences, every time.


What techs are saying

Leticia P.

What would I do with out this? Actually wished all my employers used this! Very detailed and love how i can sync to my gmail!...

Aaron O.

use this app for everything. nice way to get everything in one spot....

Oli W.

This app is super essential in keeping all things related to my shifts current... i.e. scheduling, upcoming events, changes in work details and so much more. It is an ideal platform used to communicat...

Zakiyyah S.

Great app for show crew. Fantastic support if you have any questions. I'm so happy this app exists!...

Ray I.

I love my Lasso gigs because of the high levels of professionalism exhibited by every client so far. This is the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

W2 employment means that once you’ve worked enough hours, you’re also eligible for benefits like a 401k retirement plan and health insurance. Becoming part of our community also allows you to tap into additional training opportunities in your area. From day one, all Crew Marketplace members have access to our payroll provider, Insperity, where you can view your paystubs, take advantage of corporate discounts on your phone bill, and access thousands of training videos.

LASSO’s customers range from small-to-mid-to-large sized event companies all over the United States that produce or manage live events and experiences. Our customers do corporate events, concerts/touring, festivals, broadcasting, and more.

Of course! We encourage you to take as many jobs as you want to fit into your schedule. If you already gig with a company that uses the LASSO platform to schedule their crew, you will just need to register separately for the Crew Marketplace.

No, it is free for crew to join and participate in the Crew Marketplace. While there are marketplaces out there that charge the crew to be a member of them, we are not one of them.

There is a lot of pent-up demand in the upcoming months, and we need you to help the industry meet this demand. Companies using LASSO’s platform to manage their workflow will then be able to connect with the industry’s top talent (that’s you!). In preparation for the needs of our customers and hires they need to make, it is important we start the registration and application process now. We already have positions our customers need to fill so please be sure to submit your registration.