Pay days with less delays.

This isn’t just an easier and faster way to pay your live event staff. This tool is built specifically for the live events industry and all of your payroll quirks—saving you hours on payroll each week.

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Clean up your messy payroll.

Payroll in the event industry can be messy. It doesn’t have to be.

Our all-in-one payroll system is flexible to accommodate all of your full-time, part-time, and freelance employees. Not to mention that we can easily handle your complex pay rules. And with the mobile app, your crew has access to their pay stubs to see what jobs they’ve been paid for.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most ideal way to pay your event crew and AV freelancers is to be able to directly import time tracked down to the minute that also incorporates important pay rules such as overtime or double time, midnight to 8am shifts, position minimums, 7th day, short turnaround, and any other laws that may vary by market. With the LASSO platform, you can automate all of these considerations so that post-event it is a simple matter of exporting your event data to your payroll provider of choice or using LASSO’s preferred payroll provider, Insperity.

LASSO’s time clock system will have on site hours coded by job auto-calculated with any rules specific to your company or market. LASSO has over 400 different payroll exports to provide information in the format you need it, no matter what payroll provider you use, and also has an exclusive partnership with Insperity and special rates if you’re looking for a new payroll partner, too.

LASSO has partnered with Insperity to provide our users with easy, self-serve payroll solutions. Your staff gets the support they need to follow laws pertaining to compliance. Using this software, you can quickly translate the time tracking data you collected during your event into paychecks for your staff. Insperity is also ideal for your crew and freelancers because their easy-to-use interface on desktop or their mobile app allows your staff to sign in, view their pay stubs, and find out what jobs they’ve already been paid for – saving you time on answering admin questions.

Just like our platform, we charge a per person working per month fee. We do not charge if they are not actively working and receiving a paycheck. Our pricing also includes all state tax filings.

Yes! Included in our payroll module is HR Support. Whether you have compliance questions, need job descriptions, or just need some helpful calculators, our payroll solution is built with the event industry in mind.


The automation of having your entire workflow in one integrated platform is huge. I’m sure in the past, information fell through the cracks, but now we capture all of the right information to make sure that we not only pay our people in a timely manner, but also bill our clients faster and more accurately.

- Craig Farrell, President, Alliance Productions