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A1s, A2s, and A3 Sound Engineers, RF Technicians

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V1s, V2s, Camera Operators, LED techs, Projectionists
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L1s, L2s, Lighting Designers, Spotlight Operators, Master Electricians & more

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Crew Chiefs, Breakout Operators, Carpenters, AV Techs, Show Callers, Lift Operators & more

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LASSO Crew Marketplace has talent in the top 25 event markets across the country (with more on the way). Members are contacted when your gigs match their availability, skill level, and geographic market.

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Every event is only as good as the people who make it happen

Every worker has a profile where you can read vital information about them, including their background, ratings from past jobs, skills and specialties.


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Frequently Asked Questions

LASSO’s team is comprised of former labor coordinators and top talent recruiters from well respected production companies who thoroughly vet every crew, check references, help them prepare their LASSO profile, and finalize their onboarding process. We look for both aptitude and attitude. Because we are hiring these great people as our W2 employee, we thoroughly assess their abilities to be a good team player and make our clients’ shows a success.

Crew Marketplace members are W2 employees of LASSO, so you can be sure you’re fully compliant with labor regulations. This also means that there are no additional steps in order to complete your post-event process.

You may be pleasantly surprised by your invoice with Crew Marketplace. We keep your costs low while also making sure our Crew Marketplace members are paid competitively. Your invoice will include all fees associated with scheduling our people for your show. We put our people first. How do we accomplish that? We bill to the minute. We don’t round up, and there are no half day or day rates that drive costs up. We also don’t charge daily overtime (with the exception of those states that require doing so by law). Hours worked are fully transparent within the LASSO app, and any post-event reconciliation is fully automated so you never have to worry about chasing outstanding bills. The result is high quality staff satisfied with competitive bill rates, overall lower bills invoiced to you, and an easier, smoother process for everyone on both sides.

Our network of talent is built on a framework of referrals from known and trusted crew and crewers. Every crew member who applies is vetted by our staff of veteran labor coordinators. Once vetted and onboarded, each Crew Marketplace member is given a profile. You can read a member’s profile to see their bio, skill sets, background and ratings from past employers. You can also leave your own once a Crew Marketplace member has worked a gig for you.

Yes. All Crew Marketplace techs are W2 employees and covered by worker’s comp through LASSO to protect everyone involved. LASSO is set up in all 50 states to cover all of our Crew Marketplace Members.


The process of using LASSO's Crew Marketplace is super easy. Grabbing figures to do my labor estimates is very easily achievable.

- Will Wright, General Manager, michael andrews