Stop doing things the hard way

Staffing, managing and paying a team the size of a small army will raise anybody’s blood pressure. We think you deserve better.

With one tool, you can maintain your roster, track their time on-site, communicate last-minute changes, and pay them twice as fast.

Make every event a success


LASSO is the definition of a partner. When we bring them a specific issue we have in our unique business, without hesitation they work toward a solution with you.

- Blake Barisich, Vice President of Operations, S.A.F.E. Management



You need the right tools to make magic happen

Events are already hard. When your event requires a large workforce to be successful, that’s another layer of complexity that distracts you from what really matters: making sure your event is a hit.

live concert event surrounded by event staff and fans


Automate your busywork

Give you and your team the freedom to focus on the main event.

two lasso team members collaborate on project

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a great fit for anyone managing the logistics of a large event workforce. That includes everyone from boutique production companies to security companies who need to staff a university venue for football season. With LASSO, you’re able to hire, communicate, clock in, and pay out en masse, leaving you time to focus on what really matters: making sure your people are set up for success.

The biggest difference is we were made specifically for the event industry. That means you can schedule around an event with a mobile temporary workforce. Let’s face it: Scheduling the same people to work in the same location, doing the same job, week after week, isn’t as fun as solving for all of the nuances within the event industry. This frees you up to focus on the real work.