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LASSO’s platform & mobile app solutions help you better manage your contingent workforce – from on-boarding to scheduling, communication, time tracking, travel management, payroll, analytics, and more. Watch this 30-second introduction to LASSO for more details. Learn More
“I could spend 2 days just finding enough people. LASSO helps us vet people, build the database, and communicate open positions only to those available for a specific skill set.”
“LASSO is exactly what we have wanted all along.”
“LASSO’s customer support is absolutely top notch.”
“LASSO makes everything easier and everyone always has the most up-to-date information. Should something happen to me, the show can go on.”

Companies want a complete solution for on-boarding, scheduling, communicating job details, tracking time worked, managing travel itineraries, and payment.

LASSO is the only solution on the market that helps you do all of this
- through one integrated workflow.

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Major problem LASSO solves

“If only we could figure out the availability and the true costs of our people…”

Whether you call them freelancers, crew, staff, ambassadors or talent, LASSO’s crew scheduling software solution helps you figure out if they are available while also giving you insight into their TRUE costs so you know that you are making the best decisions for your business…and your bottom line.

Major problem LASSO solves

“If only we could communicate better with our people…”

With LASSO’s enhanced communication features and mobile crew app, you are now able to reach your workforce no matter where they are. Minimize the number of calls and emails your team is making in order to schedule and manage your people. Communicate last minute changes, important details and ensure the best people never miss out on an opportunity to work for you! An additional benefit of LASSO’s workforce scheduling solution is satisfied and happy employees. And, we all know how important it is to remain competitive in this market when it comes to quality talent!

Major problem LASSO solves

“If only there was a better system for crew scheduling outside of what we are doing now which is really a mix of excel spreadsheets, calls, and emails…”

Yes, LASSO automates the crew scheduling process, but the solution also gives you the tools needed to centralize on-boarding, communication, and labor budgeting in order to make more strategic and unified scheduling decisions. Easily determine availability, understand the true costs of your labor, and eliminate schedule miscommunications for increased productivity – and profitability.

Major problem LASSO solves

“If only we knew the actual hours our people worked and could manage these hours, including overtime, minimums, and breaks in a more automated way.”

Depending on manual processes, paper timesheets or the “honor system” for tracking hours is no longer enough to stay compliant. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) come with complex rules tied to reporting and benefits. Government agencies like the IRS and the Department of Labor are focusing more on proper employee classification. On top of that, manual processes for time tracking can leave you spending more time and money. LASSO’s automated time tracking solution enables you to flawlessly track the hours your labor worked in an easy, efficient and mobile way. Real-time data and automation saves your company hours, dollars and headaches.
Major problem LASSO solves

“If only we could easily process onboarding paperwork, get mobile signatures on policies or certificates of insurance, and even electronically complete I-9s.”

Well, soon you will be able to. With LASSO’s employee scheduling software solution, the amount of time it takes to collect and process forms will drastically be reduced by automating these tedious tasks for both you and your talent. You will also be able to track all of the documentation you have on file, including expiration dates, and ensure you are receiving updated information on a regular and timely basis.

Major problem LASSO solves

“If only I could capture more detailed information on my talent and be able to use that data when inviting them for my jobs…”

With LASSO, you are able to obtain more customized information from your talent which can be unique to your individual business or job requirement. This data then goes into your own smart database which houses all of your people’s specific skill sets or things that make them special (such as the equipment they operate, their union affiliations or really, anything important about that person). Now with LASSO’s event scheduling software, you are able to quickly and easily search for the talent with the exact characteristics or qualifications you need for each job.

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