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Trusted by leading-edge event & entertainment companies.

  • SEAS Productions
  • Quest Audio Visual
  • Square AV
  • Event Tech
  • 501 Auctions
  • Crossfire
  • Ovation
  • Webb
  • Alliance Productions
  • High Output
  • CNC
  • AV Chicago

“Crewing can be one of the most tedious parts of producing a show. Since we don’t have the same resources as the larger AV companies in our industry, we have to work smarter and more efficiently to compete.” See full customer story.

Zach GrantPresident, SEAS Productions

“A solution like LASSO will free up your team from spending unnecessary time on repetitive tasks and allow them to streamline the entire labor process. The result for Quest AV? We can now take on more work.” See full customer story. 

Ryan PeddigrewDirector of Business Development, Quest AV

“We used to spend hours emailing staff, updating spreadsheets, and keying in data. With LASSO, this is automated. So not only does it save us time, the data we have now is more thorough, useful, and timely.” See full customer story.

Kim OskamDirector of Operations, HES Staff

“Before LASSO, we had a ton of manual data entry. Way too often we had to go back to the client and have difficult conversations when we discovered overtime that had to be paid after our clients were already billed.” See full customer story.

George FloresLabor Coordinator, Square AV

“We needed an all-in-one platform to send out notifications about available shifts, a dashboard that would show us who was scheduled on what, and the ability to easily distribute event information.” See full customer story.

Kyle MalenfantFounder & CEO, Crossfire Sound

“We are literally doing 50-60 times the amount of work we did before and we couldn’t do it without LASSO. We’d been looking for over 15 years for something like LASSO to come along for the event industry.” See full customer story.

Craig FarrellPresident, Alliance Productions

“With LASSO, our crewing manager has less to juggle because everything is on one dashboard. We have a true partner in LASSO and it’s great knowing that someone is listening. The support team is amazing.” See full customer story.

Matt TotaroVice President, Event Tech

“LASSO has made growing our talent pool and coordinating labor so much easier. I never want to manage labor without LASSO again!” See full customer story.

Jason SpencerDirector of Event Operations, Webb Production

“I honestly don’t think we thought we had any challenges prior to LASSO. We didn’t have the time to think about it or figure out how to do things cost effectively. LASSO highlighted this all for us.” See full customer story.

Janet SmithVP of Operations, OVATION

“We got on-board with LASSO because they are a young, hungry company trying to accomplish something, and, what they are trying to do matches with the way we want to do things. We couldn’t be happier.”

Andrew AbriszDirector of Operations, AV Chicago

“LASSO’s customer support is absolutely top notch and the commitment to continually improving is just fantastic.”

Danielle ClarkProduction Coordinator, High Output

“There were lots of scheduling platforms out there, but nothing that worked for unions and the way they run. Everybody said they could do it, but when you got into the nitty gritty, they could not. Until we found LASSO.”

Darrell OggIATSE 339, IATSE

“LASSO is extremely user friendly. For me not being very tech savvy, it was easy to pick up quickly.”

Kahlila CarrollManager, 501 Auctions

“LASSO is exactly what we have wanted all along.”

Patrick PattersonGeneral Manager & Chief Operating Officer, CNC

We help you organize, schedule & manage your crew.

Equip your team with an integrated platform and mobile crew app built to streamline your entire labor workflow.

Obtain real-time crew availability, enable team collaboration, and access powerful data to make better crew scheduling decisions.

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The LASSO Marketplace (Coming Soon!)

We are excited to announce the launch of LASSO Marketplace –
a curated, compliant, and cost effective database of crew that event companies can tap into in order to expand their talent pool when they need it, where they need it. What’s even better? Companies will have access to this marketplace, right from the very system they use to organize, communicate with, schedule, and track their people and processes.

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