Boost Productivity, Boost Profits

Streamlining your financial processes is effortless with LASSO. From sending quotes to generating invoices, LASSO ensures efficiency every step of the way. And, it integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting system for hassle-free financial management.

Simplify event accounting.

Back-office work is complicated enough—LASSO makes it easier. Quoting & invoicing on LASSO are fast and flexible. Plus, you can e-sign approvals and integrate with your accounting system.


Provide accurate estimations of your labor, gear, transportation, travel, and additional costs.


Track and manage deposits, reconciliations, and additional payments.


Push your invoice data to the accounting platform of your choice.


Fast & Flexible Quoting

Create accurate quotes fast. All the data is pulled in from LASSO, enabling you to quickly make changes, get accurate quotes based on available gear, and send options to your customer so they can make the best decisions for their event.

E-Signature Approvals

Get approvals quickly on quotes and invoices so you can sign off on events faster and get paid quickly. This makes it easier for you to keep track of signed quotes and invoices and easier for your customer to complete!

Simple Invoicing

Unlock simple yet intuitive configuration options for invoicing. It’s easy to control versions for collaboration and secure payment. Track and manage deposits, reconciliations, and additional payments. 

Accounting Integrations

Flexible integrations into the accounting system of your choice, like QuickBooks, to make it easy for you to share data and manage your books.

Instead of spending four hours every two weeks, it now only takes five minutes a day to track our time in LASSO. When it comes time to process payroll, it’s just a matter of clicking a button and we’re done.

– Brad Gibson | Owner & CEO, Capital A Productions