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Every event is only as good as the people who make it happen. That’s why we need you. As a member of LASSO’s Crew Marketplace, you can focus on your craft, not the hustle that comes with it. Put your profile in front of the best companies, land more gigs, and get paid weekly – all in one easy-to-use app.

Crew positions we fill


A3 Sound Engineers
RF Technicians & more


V1s, V2s, Robocam Engineers, Robocam Operators, Camera Operators, LED Techs, Projectionists & more


L1s, L2s
Lighting Designers, Spotlight Operators,
Master Electricians & more


Crew Chiefs, Break Operators
Event Carpenters, Techs,
Show Callers, Lift Ops
& more


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Users can choose their preferred option. We understand not everyone wants to download an app, so crew can either download the app, use the mobile-responsive web version of LASSO, or you can just text or email them communications from our system. If you want your crew to clock in, they can do it through the app, or you can have your on-site supervisors clock in their crew on their behalf.

Not necessarily. You may have used the LASSO app in a previous gig. Event companies that use LASSO may use the app to send you job opportunities, site maps, last-minute communications, time tracking, among other things. However, that does not necessarily mean you’re a part of the Crew Marketplace. Crew Marketplace is different and allows you to extend your freelance visibility. When you apply, you will be put into a vetting process. After that, you will fill out your onboarding paperwork, making you a W2 employee of LASSO. At this point, we’ll reach out with job opportunities that are a good mutual fit for both you and the event company. If you join Crew Marketplace, you will be able to access a broader range of opportunities, as companies using Crew Marketplace need talent from all over the country. Simply put, as a Crew Marketplace member, you’ll have access to more gigs. And as a W2 employee of LASSO, you don’t have to worry about chasing down payment – now, get paid weekly.

W2 employment means that once you’ve worked enough hours, you’re also eligible for benefits like a 401k retirement plan and health insurance. Becoming part of our community also allows you to tap into additional training opportunities in your area. From day one, all Crew Marketplace members have access to our payroll provider, Insperity, where you can view your paystubs (and see what event gigs you’re being paid for), take advantage of corporate discounts on your phone bill, and access thousands of training videos.

LASSO’s customers range from small-to-mid-to-large sized event companies all over the United States that produce or manage live events and experiences. Our customers do corporate events, concerts/touring, festivals, broadcasting, and more.

Of course! We encourage you to take as many jobs as you want to fit into your schedule. If you already gig with a company that uses the LASSO platform to schedule their crew, you will just need to register separately for the Crew Marketplace.