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If you’re here, you’re big time. The LASSO Crew Marketplace is a community of live-event talent so good, the gigs come directly to you. Here, you’ll find everything you need to get the most out of the app, plus links to all your member perks and benefits.

Get paid when you
refer crew

Earn money by referring your friends

It's easy to get rewarded. Earn $10 for every new and qualified
tech that completes the payroll and onboarding process.
There's no limit to the number of referrals you can send!

First Things First

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Everything you need to stay organized for your gig is right
on your phone. Our app helps crew, supervisors, and
admins stay connected — making for unforgettable event
experiences, every time.

LASSO App Tips (in Under 5 Minutes) Video

This quick start tutorial will give you the skinny on where to view job opportunities, rosters you've been added to, how to update your personal information, and more.

Screenshot of the LASSO Mobile App Dashboard

Finding event details

You can access event info straight from your dashboard within the LASSO app. For questions about the event, reach out to the Marketplace Specialist or Crew Lead. Click names that appear in blue to quickly place a call.

Updating your contact info

If you need to update your phone number or email address to log in, submit a support ticket. Our team will be in touch to fix it for you.

Frequently asked questions

W2 employment means that once you’ve worked enough hours, you’re also eligible for benefits like a 401k retirement plan and health insurance. Becoming part of our community also allows you to tap into additional training opportunities in your area.

From day one, all Crew Marketplace members have access to our payroll provider, Insperity, where you can view your paystubs (and see what event gigs you’re being paid for), take advantage of corporate discounts on your phone bill, and access thousands of training videos.

Quotes from the crew

Here’s what LASSO Crew Marketplace members are saying about their latest gigs.

“LASSO made everything so easy and run smoothly from booking the gig to being paid promptly. Every time I needed help with anything, all the LASSO employees I reached out to were so prompt and helpful.”

“My overall experience was wonderful. On my first gig with Lasso, I felt as if I’d known everyone my whole life.”

“I had a great experience. The client and all the people under them treated us with so much respect. I learned some new techniques in the lighting department. They gave us detailed instructions and physically walked us through exactly how they wanted their setup.  I appreciate it 100%!”

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If you can’t find what you need or could use a hand, we’re here for you.

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