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No more spending time creating invoices
and waiting 30+ days for payment.​

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Enter the types of crew positions you want to fill so producers can find and book you.

401k eligibility

Become eligible to join and contribute to your plan once you’ve reached 1,000 hours.

More Flexibility

All the advantages of being an employee while still having a say in your schedule.

Workers' Comp

Covered by LASSO so you can put money directly back into your pocket.

Perks at Work

Get access to free virtual classes plus discounts on shopping, travel, wellbeing, and more.

1. Registration

Fill out a quick form online to join the LASSO Crew Marketplace for free.

2. Interview

Speak with someone from our team so we know exactly which positions you’ll be great at.

3. Onboarding

Fill out the official forms to become a LASSO employee, complete with W2 and benefits.

4. Orientation

Learn about how you can fast-track your success in Crew Marketplace.

Crew across the country

We have members in the top 25 event markets across the country, with plenty more to come. Members are contacted when gigs match their availability, skill level, and geographic market.

Quotes from the crew

Get paid when you
refer crew

Earn money by referring your friends

It’s easy to get rewarded. Earn $10 for every new and qualified tech that completes the payroll and onboarding process. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can send!

Take your AV career to the next level

Crew Marketplace members are at the top of their game because they never stop learning. Here are training and education resources to pick up new skills and keep existing ones sharp.

Evolce Community

Evolce Community

A global community of event professionals.

Learn More

Corralling The Chaos

Corralling The Chaos

A podcast for the event industry where we talk publicly about the things event professionals worry about privately.

Listen Now

Event Safety Alliance

Event Safety Alliance

A non-profit dedicated to promoting “life safety first”.

Visit: Event Safety Alliance

OHSA Outreach Training

OHSA Outreach Training

Training about common safety and health hazards on the job.

Learn More

Avixa Training

Avixa Training

Specialized training for the AV industry.

Learn More



Live event industry tips, tricks, insights, and resources.

Visit: LASSO Blog

LASSO Crew Marketplace FAQ

Whether you’re interested in working for LASSO Crew Marketplace, already a LASSO Crew
Marketplace member, or have questions about payroll and benefits, we’ve got you covered.

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