AV Chicago

At the beginning of the 2016 World Series, the entire city of Chicago was hoping that the Cubs could break their decades-long curse to win. No one was more hopeful than AV Chicago, the production and event management company that had been tapped to coordinate a victory rally in the case of a big win for the Cubs.

The AV Chicago team relied on LASSO to help them get in touch with the crew they would need to pull off such a feat at the drop of a hat (or a baseball cap).


Behind the scenes

AV Chicago won the contract to do the video production for the “hush-hush” World Series rally and was ready to tackle the challenge, despite being in the midst of one of their busiest seasons and the fact that they couldn’t actually tell anyone (including their crew) about the event prior to the conclusion of the game.

Then it happened! The Cubs made World Series history and AV Chicago took center stage, rallying to crew the massive celebratory event.


A secret rally is planned if the Chicago Cubs are able to pull off a World Series victory after a 108 year curse. “What we knew…was that if the Chicago Cubs won on Wednesday night, we would actually go into full production starting at noon the next day. But, we couldn’t tell anybody,“ says Andrew Abrisz, Director of Operations.


AV Chicago quickly had to find a video production crew for this massive rally, having their qualified and available crew on-site by noon the next day. AV Chicago decided to partner with LASSO because of the ability to quickly and easily mass communicate opportunities to their crew database, determine availability and deliver important event details right to their mobile phones.


Cubs win and AV Chicago hits it out of the ballpark, using LASSO to vet their crew and communicate important job details – successfully having a fully-crewed staff ready to go in a matter of hours. Thanks to the power of LASSO, Andrew was able to have a crew on-site and ready to make history in a matter of hours.
We got on board with LASSO because they are a young, hungry company trying to accomplish something, and what they are trying to do matches with the way we want to do things. We couldn’t be happier.
– Andrew Abrisz, Director of Operations