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Our customers see things differently—they aren’t satisfied with the way things have always been done. To produce events at the next level, they understand the need for an all-in-one solution, designed for they way they work.

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Before LASSO, event professionals like you were struggling with the chaos of event production. With LASSO, they are able to spark tremendous growth while saving massive amounts of time and money.

Dupree Security

VP of Operations, Ryan Worsham, shares how his team was able to reduce overhead by $60k/year and time to final billing by 95% with scheduling.

Tried & True

Tried & True Owners, JC & Kim Oskam, share how they achieved $170k savings in annual overhead and decreased their payroll processing time by 87%.

University in Texas

The special events team at a Texas university improved their efficiency, schedule management, and work-life balance by adopting LASSO.

CNS Productions

CNS relied on manual processes and it hurt. Colby Collier, Owner & President, shares how his team was then able to schedule a whopping 30x more events.

MVP Collaborative

MVP’s crew experience was held back by fragmented tools and processes. Then, they saw a 100% decrease in time to schedule crew and everything changed.

Capital A Productions

Founder, Brad Gibson, details how his team works smarter, experiencing an 80% decrease in the time they spend tracking crew hours.

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SEAS Productions

SEAS Productions has been an expert in event production for more than two decades, but the team was wasting valuable time on the most manual parts of event production: event staff scheduling. This siloed process led to double-booking and key details falling through the cracks, making it nearly impossible for SEAS to scale operations. When SEAS discovered…

Webb Production

Webb Production has been in the event business for over 50 years and provides full-service event production as well as creative and special event services, event technology, and gear rental. Like LASSO, they are dedicated to putting their people first. So when it came to more effective workforce management solutions, they were driven to find a solution…

AV Chicago

At the beginning of the 2016 World Series, the entire city of Chicago was hoping that the Cubs could break their decades-long curse to win. No one was more hopeful than AV Chicago, the production and event management company that had been tapped to coordinate a victory rally in the case of a big win for the Cubs. The AV Chicago team relied on LASSO to help them…

Stratum Productions

Stratum Productions, co-founded by Tori Anderson, who also serves as the Labor and Resource Coordinator, faced significant operational challenges managing multiple platforms for client interactions, team coordination, and financial management. The complexity of using different systems for various functions led to inefficiencies and communication gaps within the team.

LASSO has changed my life. Before LASSO, Labor Coordination was a big arduous task. LASSO has streamlined labor coordination.