SEAS Productions

SEAS Productions has been an expert in event production for more than two decades, but the team was wasting valuable time on the most manual parts of event production: event staff scheduling. This siloed process led to double-booking and key details falling through the cracks, making it nearly impossible for SEAS to scale operations.

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Prior to LASSO, SEAS Production’s crewing processes were manual, and typically involved phone calls, texts, and emails as well as the use of spreadsheets. There was no central hub for the team to work from and crew were often double booked. Additionally, due to siloed processes, important event details would sometimes fall through the cracks or get overlooked.

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SEAS Pro turned to LASSO to help them take all of that “busy work” out of making crew calls. When SEAS discovered LASSO, they were able to build a central hub of information and one unified workflow to keep everyone on the same page. Now the SEAS team can focus their talent on the tasks that matter most: setting their people up for success.

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SEAS Pro implemented LASSO’s crew scheduling software, enabling them to work both smarter and more efficiently than the competition which resulted in more business. With the LASSO tools at their side, they are able to streamline their workflow and give their team a central hub which helps keep everyone on track. With LASSO’s robust communication features, they are able to quickly and easily communicate critical event details and job opportunities with their crew as well as eliminate crew double booking and the room for error in their processes.


LASSO streamlines the manual and mundane parts of booking crew, allowing our entire team to focus on more important tasks.

- Zach Grant, President