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No more tracking down paperwork or figuring out which new hire needs to sign what.

Save time, effort, headaches, and paper cuts by automating the onboarding process and keeping new hire docs organized.

✔ Replaces: DocuSign, Dropbox, Adobe

Stay connected and organized with LASSO – providing everything crew, supervisors, and admins need, right on their phone

Built for crew on the go

Crew members can sign docs right on the LASSO app, so you can onboard them no matter where they are.

Signed, sealed, andddd delivered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our fully digital onboarding process, also called LASSO Signature, makes it easy to bring new people onboard and get all of their paperwork sorted well before you see them on a job site. You’ll customize the documents and fields you want new hires to fill out, they’ll receive email notification to read and sign everything electronically, and LASSO will automatically store and save all the paperwork you need in that crew member’s LASSO profile so you know exactly where to find it if and when you need it.

  • Updated policy doc you need your crew to sign? No problem. Send out company policies, event/venue-specific policies, and new hire paperwork individually or en masse to your AV freelancers. Then, they can use electronic signature (we call our product LASSO Signature) to read through and sign the documents, and that completed paperwork is automatically stored in their Crew Profile. This way you can keep all of that compliance paperwork, certifications and more in one easily referenced place.
  • Make strategic use of LASSO’s tags to remember who’s best at a certain skill set, who is willing to travel, or whatever other relevant information you need.
  • Read other’s and write your own crew ratings to keep track of folks you like to work with.
  • See a crew member’s job history at a glance to provide continuity for your clients year over year – or avoid job placements that didn’t work out the last time.

If your labor coordinator moves on and you have a new person in the role, all of that historical information is available for them to access and start using right away.

When filling out your event roster, LASSO will automatically notify you if any of the staff to whom you would like to extend an offer have not yet been properly onboarded. (If someone you’d like to work with is missing important information, you can also use LASSO’s communication features to remind them to do so!) Storing certifications like COI (certification of insurance) on Crew Profiles with the relevant expiration date is also an important feature to make sure all your bases are covered.


“We had a solution, but it wasn’t great. LASSO came in with great features and an event-based workflow and made it much easier for the team to schedule the staff, and communicate information and get the documents required.``

- Kyle Malenfant, Founder & CEO, Crossfire Sound