Secure Your "Yes!":
Selling the Experience with LASSO Proposals

February 22nd, 2024 at 2 p.m. ET

Events tell a story. Your proposals should too.

Craft captivating proposals that sell customized experiences, not just equipment, with LASSO Proposals. Enhance your proposal's visual appeal and gain access to insightful analytics on customer engagement to elevate your sales narrative and increase your win rate by 20%.

Increase your RFP win rate by 20% with LASSO Proposals


Transform your quote into a memorable story.

Track every interaction.

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers with analytics that track your customer's engagement and feedback to know what they care about most – from viewing to signing.

Close deals faster.

Automatically pull data from your quote and easily customize a proposal in minutes, collaborate with your customers, and get the deal closed faster – all without leaving the platform.

Elevate the discussion.

Ditch boring, standard templates and custom tailor the proposal to the company by adding in their branding, media from previous events, and more that will be sure to wow your customers.


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LASSO Proposals enables you to create engaging proposals for your customers by seamlessly pulling data into a customizable, branded interface, and tracks engagement once they’re sent.