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“I've handed our schedule to a dozen other vendors, just to evaluate them, and none of them could replicate what LASSO can do.”

— Ryan Worsham, VP of Operations


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Clients include: Coca-Cola, Microsoft, NFL, Peach Bowl, Georgia Aquarium

The challenge: Hitting a plateau with manual scheduling processes

After growing its pool of freelance security staff to more than 300, Dupree Security’s manual processes became unruly and unscalable. VP of Operations, Ryan Worsham, knew that automating scheduling, reporting, and freelancer communication would remedy this self-described “nightmare.”

How Dupree got back into growth mode with LASSO

Automating open role notifications, getting a clear picture of shortages, and filling all positions for every event

Running end-of-show reports to see actual hours worked; final billing happens faster and cash flow stays healthy

Tagging and rating everyone on their roster to ensure the best possible staff are always in the right place

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Hear what Dupree Security's VP of Operations, Ryan Worsham, had to say about LASSO's software, customer support, and cost.

How LASSO compares to other scheduling software

How LASSO helps Dupree see further into the future

Life before and after LASSO

"I can see true numbers of people that are coming in. If I'm going to have staffing shortages and there will not be people there to to cover all my positions, I see it ahead of time.

My supervisors and my managers are able to to pull up schedules on their phone now, and kinda look at at at the day ahead of them.

I'm not wasting time making phone calls all day long, trying to get staff to come in. I can click one or two buttons and get the same message out there to everyone at once.

We’re much more efficient. And when things are efficient, everything is good."

"For a typical trade show, we'll have 3 different types of guard that that we're looking for. We have our entry personnel who need to be welcoming, we have our dock guards who have to be able to work the loading docks, and we have our patrol guards who know the building and the Dupree Security patrol guidelines.

So when we're building our schedule and we add those tags, we know that the right people are gonna be in the right positions; that one of our our dock folks aren't going to end up on our front door, out of place.

And I’ve been pushing our supervisors to go in and rate our guards. So when we do have a smaller show, we're only getting those five-star guards."

"We went from two full-time salaried schedulers down to just one person who is still full-time but her role is no longer fully devoted to scheduling. She now has time to manage the guards and run show reports.

Plus, I was able to pull my other scheduling manager to a different department. So we’re looking at about $60,000 a year that we're saving — and life is a lot easier."

"Prior to LASSO Scheduling, everything was just a nightmare. And now it's something that I I don't have to worry about. I know that the system's gonna do what it it needs to do and and things are gonna be right, and I I don't have to worry, And prior, I'd lose sleep at night going, okay, well, do they really call this person as this person really coming in?

But knowing that, yeah, they've been sent out, the guards have personally confirmed it.

It helps with HR matters. Someone says, “No, I wasn't scheduled.” Well, yes, you were scheduled. You confirmed on April 27 at 10:36 that you'd be there, and here's your electronic signature saying that. There’s more accountability. If they go to Department of Labor, we have solid evidence saying no they agreed to be there and they didn't show up."

"Our end-of-show reports out of LASSO let us see final hours worked, who called out, and any shortages. So where it used to take a week for us to close out a show and get final billing done, now we can get it done in a couple of hours."

"Another thing that we used to do once we once we scheduled everything was write out what we call our deployment sheets where we're putting writing down everyone's name and their post location. And that would take literally 3 days to do. And now, with the roster function in LASSO, I can click a button and move a couple of tabs, and I have my full roster there within 20 minutes."

"When we need to send a message out to to all of our staff, we just click the button for the messages. Tax time, or if there's any other company news that needs to go out, then then we can send it all out and and get that confirmation back and into the system that the guards have read it. I think that's really helpful and beneficial to us."

"I'd call ’em a dummy for not looking at it, and there's been a few people who I have.

I would describe it as a scheduling software for our industry that actually works. I've handed our schedule to a dozen other vendors — just to evaluate them — and none of them could replicate what LASSO can do."

"Whenever I’ve emailed or called support, I've gotten an immediate answer. I’ve even had one of your VPs call me and discuss an issue we were having and you literally had it resolved that day."

"I like how you guys are always improving the the system.

I hear my scheduler over in the corner going, "Oh, look at this!" She's excited about scheduling. She gets excited when her life's easier. When her life's easier and she's happy, that's all that matters."

"I really like the pay-per-active-user structure. With trade shows, every week's different. We could be in our busy season and then next month, it could be dead with only a couple events. We get charged for each person actively using the system. So when we’re busy, we expect that that price. But then in our slow months, we're not getting this this big bill while less work is being done."