Staff 2x more events with automated labor coordination

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staffing requests

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spent processing payroll

“LASSO is not just a tool for us, it's a vital part of our success. The speed and efficiency of the app, GPS tracking for accountability, and the seamless communication of rates all work together to replace the need for multiple office staff members.”

— Kim Oskam, Founder


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Clients include: NBC Sports, Hilton, Maritz Travel, Miami University

The challenge: Scaling operations while keeping costs and headcount low

Establishing itself amidst the 2020 pandemic, Tried & True Staff emerged in Orlando with a mission to build strong relationships with freelancers and cater to the staffing needs of the event industry. With a focus on scaling their business while keeping fixed expenses low, they sought a tool that could efficiently handle scheduling and communication, eliminating the necessity for an in-house administrative team.

How Tried & True shows up in force and maximizes opportunities with LASSO

Automate last minute open role notifications to fill positions from mobile phone within minutes

Streamline workflow and communicate efficiently to quickly confirm events and seize every opportunity

Grow roster and speed up hiring process by using LASSO hiring link to streamline crew position inquiries

💬 Straight from the source

Hear from Tried & True co-founders Kim and JC Oskam, had to say about LASSO's impact across their organization and crew experience.

Maximizing opportunities to the tune of $100k in one week

Schedule on-the-go staff requests within an hour

Placing LASSO at the center of Tried & True’s operations

Kim: “At a previous company, we had a not-so-great experience with Shiftboard. I remember having to manually enter all the information, and the platform itself wasn't very user-friendly. On top of that, reaching out to customer service was a real challenge.”

JC: “We currently have around 250 freelancers in our system, and it's important for us to be able to easily communicate with them. Especially if there are last minute changes or requests coming that need to be filled for the next day.

In the past, reaching out to each freelancer individually meant spending hours on phone calls, chasing them down to ask ‘are you available’ or ‘can you work this?’

It felt like I was having the conversation 200 times a day. Now, we can quickly connect and coordinate with our freelancers within just a few minutes.”

JC: “It makes the selling process much smoother for me. In the past, if someone called me for a last-minute request within 24 hours, I had to apologize and say there was nothing I could do. Physically, it was impossible to accommodate such requests.

But now, things have changed. I can say, "If you're willing to bear with me, I can make it happen." Of course, it won't be cheap because last-minute arrangements usually come at a premium. However, if you're determined to get it done, give me just one hour and it’s done.”

Kim: “I don't know about you, but last-minute shows really get my adrenaline going. It's something I absolutely love! Once while we were on the road, we received a request from someone who needed 10 staff members for an event the following day. As we made a pit stop for gas, I quickly hopped on my phone, assembled the event crew, and within an hour, I had a confirmed staff ready to go.

A similar scenario happened a year ago while I was at the airport and received a request to staff 200 people. It’s amazing to have the functionality to use LASSO on my phone or on the go and know that I can get the last minute request scheduled and confirmed.”

JC: “Payroll used to be an 8-hour process every Monday. Now I can easily complete payroll on Sundays in just 30 minutes to an hour. It's amazing how efficient and time-saving it has become.”

JC: “There are other budget-friendly options out there, but when it comes to operating our business efficiently, LASSO is simply the best. We have saved the cost of hiring four office employees, including a payroll specialist and three labor coordinators, as it effectively handles those tasks.

I would much rather invest in what we currently spend on LASSO than have four additional salaries in our office. Not only does it save us money, but your system also works faster.”

Kim: “It came down to if we want to pay a salary for someone to use program like Constant Contact or do we want to pay for a system that can do both jobs.”

Kim: “Customer support for online platforms can be so underwhelming and that’s not the case with LASSO. When I reach out to the support team, I can get the answers I need or know that someone is working on it.

Just this morning, I sent an email to Joe in Support about setting up one of our supervisors on their platform to handle tasks while we're on vacation. The best part is knowing that he will have the full support of LASSO behind him while we’re gone.

Now we can relax and enjoy our time off without worrying about hiccups.”

Kim: “We love the GPS feature on the LASSO app. This feature is helpful when it comes to dealing with payment disputes and clients claiming that someone didn’t show up.

We can show the GPS coordinates and easily sort out any discrepancies. With the GPS, we can confirm their location by showing the exact time and location where they punched in.”

JC: “Our website has a link to the crew position inquiry page that takes applicants directly to the LASSO hiring profile. When someone fills out the form, we receive all the necessary information online.

This saves us time by eliminating paperwork mix-ups and speeds up the hiring process compared to the more manual process of in-person visits.

We’ve come to realize that our customer base and positive reputation have played a significant role in attracting people to our website through word of mouth. As a result, we have more individuals interested in working with us than we are able to necessarily bring in.”

Kim: “During Covid, LASSO played a huge role in helping us stay connected with our freelancers. We were able to communicate with our freelancers, sharing polls about Netflix shows, book recommendations, and even cocktail recipes.

We even offered free Covid testing because we genuinely care about everyone's well-being. We're a family-oriented bunch, and LASSO helped us make sure everyone was doing okay and supported each other through it all.”

JC: “During a slow year and a half we were able to build a strong community. As a silver lining, what we went through together helped us get to where we are now.”