Save 20 hours a week and retire your whiteboard


decrease in time spent

decrease in time spent
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“I like to set up my life to be as efficient as possible. I don't want to work harder than I need to. So, when I find a solution like LASSO that makes my day-to-day life easier, I want it."

— Brad Gibson, Owner/CEO


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Clients include: Savannah Jazz Festival, Southern Living Home Summit, Six String Southern

The challenge: Striving to balance scheduling workflow efficiency

Capital A Productions' whiteboard, a legendary symbol of their AV production roots, now stands as a reminder of its past role as the sole crew scheduling tool. To transition away from analog processes they needed a specific tool that understood the demands of the events industry — not just another generic software program.

With over 40 regular crew members, LASSO provided the perfect combination of streamlined scheduling, time tracking, onboarding, and communications.

How Capital A Productions moved away from manual processes and embraced automation with LASSO

Automate crew scheduling and time tracking to see actual hours worked

Review full picture of their workload to understand when they’re fully booked and where they could take on more work

Easily send communications or job notes to keep everyone informed on event changes

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Listen to Capital A Productions' Owner/CEO Brad Gibson explain how LASSO's software enabled his team to work smarter, proving it was the right solution for their business needs.

Choosing the right software

The LASSO confidence boost

Increasing mental bandwidth

What free time looks like with LASSO

“Scheduling crew used to be one of the toughest jobs for our labor coordinators. We were making phone calls, texting and sometimes begging people, whatever it took to fill the calls.

We tried another labor software that was bumpy and didn’t free up any time on our part. You still had to jump around to five different places to get a single task completed.

The job that was once the most difficult is now one of the easiest thanks to LASSO."

“We still have the whiteboard hanging up but we've changed it a little because it was more effective to use it for something different instead of we were using it for.

But the whiteboard's still there. As a reminder, of how big of a shit show it used to be to coordinate labor.”

“Tracking time used to be such a pain. With 40-50 people coming and going, it was a struggle to keep tabs on their clock-ins and clock-outs. Our biweekly payroll was challenging because we spent hours figuring out who didn't clock in or took a lunch break, etc.

Now, it takes us just 5 minutes a day to audit time instead of the 4-hour ordeal every two weeks. When payday arrives, we simply click the payroll button, and the accuracy is dead on.”

"There's so much technology out there and you can easily get bogged down and confused with it rather than what the technology is supposed to solve for you.

We brought on Salesforce and it was a complete shit show. So we got rid of that fast. I believe that LASSO is something that, if you use it to its potential, it can take a lot of pressure off of you.

It's like trying to remove a Phillips head screw with a flat head screwdriver. If it's the wrong tool, it just doesn't work well. You can get it done, but it's a pain in the butt.

If you have that Phillips head screwdriver, then bam, it's out of there. That's what LASSO is. It's the right tool for the job."

“We use the email platform to send out job notes and upload any drawings or rigging plots. It's where we keep all our communication from customers too. Whenever I receive an email that needs to be shared, I just copy and paste it directly into our communication section in LASSO.

It's super convenient because everyone has access to it if they need it. This has made things more organized, and I don’t have to worry about getting ten phone calls a day asking where to find something.”

“It was a bit chaotic, and things were all over the place before Signature came along. We would constantly find ourselves digging through paperwork.

Now, all of our paperwork is organized in one place. We know exactly who signed each document, where it originated from and if they need to complete anything else.”

“LASSO has given me the confidence to know that my crew is gonna be there. It's given me the confidence to know that my crew has the information that they need to complete their tasks all in one place. It's given me the confidence to say, ‘Look in LASSO.’ when someone asks me for something. It’s a part of our culture. It's part of what we do.”

"I want to work right up to the line of capacity. I don't want to fall over the edge because it just creates problems for quality, but I still want to work right to the edge.

"I want to work right up to the line of capacity. I don't want to fall over the edge because it just creates problems for quality, but I still want to work right to the edge.

Even in situations where there's remaining gear or a truck at the dock, I'm determined to make the most of every opportunity. LASSO helps us know where our available capacity is and make informed decisions.”

"First, I would ask them what they're using now and how it makes them feel. Next, do you like to drink beer in the driveway with your friends? Because this is going to allow you to do more of that.

LASSO is something that simply frees you up. It's not so daunting, and it's not something that's constantly on your mind nonstop."